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Ms Resi is a graphical user interface version of MacPuf, one of the MacModels developed at McMaster University Medical School, Canada and St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College.  MacPuf is a model of the human respiratory system designed to study gas transport and exchange.  The model contains simulated lungs, circulating blood and tissues.  The design of the model is discussed in A Computer Model of Human Respiration Dickinson C. J., MTP Press Limited, Lancaster, 1977.

The Ms Resi package to date has been developed by Mal Haysom and Michelle Gibson.  This site contains copyright, authorship and disclaimer details related to Ms Resi and MacPuf, monitor and printer displays of Ms Resi output, free downloads of support and development material, source and executable code and links to relevant sites.  Ms Resi has run under MS Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.  A command line version is available to compile and run on computers with a native C compilers, for example, Unix machines.

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Exercise Extensions

In 1981-2 George Havenith worked with the Theoretical Biology Group, State University of Utrecht. He refined some aspects of the MacPuf model and incorporated

  • a work rate-oxygen consumption relation to determine the work rate associated with external energy production,
  • a simulation of short term exercise tests and
  • a calculation routine for heart rate and stroke volume.

His work is available as two reports and Fortran code.  The Ms Resi code incorporates the Havenith extensions where indicated in the code.

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